Cheat Sheet: Six Things We Learned about Lin-Manuel Miranda & Hamilton Today

first_imgThe New Yorker just published 8,000 words about In the Heights Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is currently the talk of the town for his new history-soaked musical Hamilton, now in previews at the Public Theater. Until you have time to plow through the story yourself, we offer six interesting things we learned about the Broadway favorite:1. He First Met Hamilton Poolside in MexicoMiranda bought the inspiration for Hamilton, Ron Chernow’s biography Alexander Hamilton, on impulse while vacationing with now-wife Vanessa Nadal. The fascinating story of the founding father of the U.S. immediately reminded him of his dad Luis Miranda…and Tupac Shakur.2. He Showed Barack Everything He HadMiranda famously performed “The Hamilton Mixtape” for President Barack Obama (see below) on May 12, 2009. Although he said it was part of a larger “concept album” he was working on, it was the only song that he’d actually written at the time. The song now opens Hamilton and is performed by Leslie Odom Jr. as Vice President Aaron Burr. Related Shows Star Files Hamilton (Off-Broadway) View Commentscenter_img Show Closed This production ended its run on May 3, 2015 3. He Helped Get Eliot Spitzer ElectedWhile on summer breaks from high school, Miranda worked for MirRam Group, his dad’s political consulting company, writing jingles for TV commercials for politicians. One of his subjects was none other than Eliot Spitzer during his successful 2006 campaign for New York Governor. Interestingly, Hamilton found himself embroiled in a sex scandal that tarnished his political career, just like Spitzer’s love of hookers.4. He’s Aiming for Fantine-Sized TearsOne of his musical inspirations for Hamilton is another historical rouser, Les Miserables. “I really got my Les Miz on in this score, like being really smart about where to reintroduce a theme,” he says. “In terms of how to access your tear ducts, nothing does it better than that show.”5. He Relates to the PhantomAs a kid, Miranda first saw Les Miz with his parents and admits to sleeping through much of it. But when he saw The Phantom of the Opera, he took notice: “I was, like, ‘Oh, shit!’ Because it’s about an ugly songwriter who wants to impose his will on the world. I related to that.” (Phantom composer Andrew Lloyd Webber tweeted his love of Hamilton earlier today, leaving Miranda speechless on Facebook: “I um. Um.”).6. He Went the Cocky RouteWhile writing Hamilton, Miranda couldn’t decide if he’d play the titular hero or Aaron Burr, the rival who ultimately [19th century spoiler!] kills him in a New Jersey duel, saying he relates to both men equally. But as Hamilton, he says, “I get to be cockier than I really am; I get to be smarter than I really am; I get to be more impulsive than I really am. It’s taking the reins off your id for two and a half hours.”Read the entire New Yorker feature by Rebecca Mead here. Lin-Manuel Mirandalast_img read more

4 C’s that threaten small CUs — CUNA’s Mike Schenk explains

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Fresh off the heels of last week’s GAC, there was a lot of talk about smaller credit unions’ existence. We’ve also been seeing more and more stories in the industry publications about the concerns for small credit unions not growing, being merged out, or going away altogether. It’s an issue that has continued to rise and isn’t going away. So we invited CUNA’s Vice President of Economics & Statistics Mike Schenk on the program to provide us with his “4 C’s” that threaten the existence of today’s smaller credit unions. continue reading »last_img

From the waiter to the in-house coach and food and beverage director at the 5-star hotel

first_imgHis quality, desire and will to learn did not go unnoticed. Indeed, in addition to being given the opportunity for additional education, Dejan sees the trust given to him as a particularly important segment of his progress and motivation for the job. He says that not everything is about money, in fact, the work environment and respect for the employer are sometimes more important, so it was extremely important for him as a worker to see how he is valued, and to have a quality work environment and to see a positive and stable future.  “The stated conditions of accommodation, transport and food generate additional costs compared to local employees, but we value all employees equally and continuously invest in raising their satisfaction.” points out Maša Prebeg, Director of the Human Resources Department of Bluesun and adds that they are provided with education at the Bluesun Academy where they will acquire the necessary knowledge and improve their professional skills under the expert guidance of mentors and Bluesun corporate bosses. Also, within the hotel for employees, there are rooms for learning, rest and kitchen, and the first tenants moved in last spring. Hot meals are brought to the tenants three times a day, and the cleaners take care of the hotel’s hygiene standard, and the tenants wash and iron their clothes. His success story is a bit unusual. Namely, he was trained as a car mechanic and worked in the profession for several years. He enjoyed the job, but, as he says himself, he lacked contact with people. Therefore, in parallel, he started working as a waiter in a club in Makarska. He found out about the job at Bluesun quite by accident, thought well and closed the doors of the car repair shop forever ten years ago. “Considering the presented measure by which the non-taxable amount of compensation for a newborn child was raised to HRK 10.000, we will now pay HRK 7500 to our employees who become parents. We have raised the amount from HRK 3000, as we paid them in previous years. Of course, if both parents are Bluesun employees, they both receive compensation. We are pleased that we can support our employees in this, one of the most important moments in life. ” points out Masha Prebeg, director of the Human Resources Department of Bluesun. A beautiful positive and rounded story about caring for your workers. If the entire tourism sector had taken care of its workers like this 10 years ago, they would not have such problems with the workforce today. Dejan Ancic the XNUMX-year-old Makaranin has won awards for best employee for four years in a row. “I taught bar business. We taught new colleagues how to work in a bar, how to treat a guest, how to attract him, animate him, educate him about what he orders”Says Dejan, adding that the job of a lecturer is a great opportunity to improve their skills. It is a two-way, extremely useful process in which the teacher can learn a lot from the students, but also from the students. “I love this job, I enjoy every day, and I was given the opportunity to work, to study. I went through three additional levels of schooling and numerous educations, each of which entailed advancement as well”Points out Ancic. He says he still learns every day. He taught work, about himself and working with others, and his rich experience led him to the position of lecturer at the Bluesun Academy. Dejan Ancic Namely, each employee within Bluesun Hotels & Resorts will receive a HRK 7.500 fee for a newborn child. So far, that fee has amounted to HRK 3.000, so this is a big increase. Interestingly, if both parents are employed by the company, both receive the said compensation.  Photo: Bluesun Here I can draw a parallel with the story of how the famous Big Mac was created at McDonalds. Namely, James Delligatti, the man who invented the “Big Mac” more than 50 years ago, was just one of the McDonald’s franchisees. Thus, in the spring of 2008, only one of the interesting and inspiring professional stories in Bluesun began, which shows the value of a quality policy of investing in human resources. Dejan worked as an assistant waiter in a hotel restaurant for less than two weeks when he accepted an offer to work in a hotel bar at the same time. Cocktail La Berulia According to Bluesun, the company’s strategy is to invest in the growth and development of competencies of people who want to build their careers in tourism – young people try to motivate young people to acquire knowledge and skills necessary in the increasingly demanding labor market, and encourage retraining for the most sought after occupations in tourism. and catering. This is the story of Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, one of the largest hotel chains in Croatia, which owns 16 hotels in Bol, Supetar, Brela, Tucepi, Starigrad, Paklenica and Marija Bistrica, which this year have additionally invested effort and funds for education. and labor retention.  The story of Dejan Ančić – From a waiter to the internal coach of the Bluesun Academy and the director of food and beverages in a 5-star hotel. This chain rewards business excellence every year, based on internal surveys on guest satisfaction in hotels, and in 2018 they distributed a total of 1,5 million kuna in awards to the best employees, and from this year will significantly increase the amount of these individual awards. “With this move – by increasing the compensation for a newborn child, we also want to stimulate our employees who decide to expand the family for which we, originally a family business, are the foundation of growth and development of a successful business. emphasizes Kristijan Gagulić, a member of the Management Board of Sunce Concern. A phenomenal story, isn’t it? I emphasize, the Board listens to you and appreciates your opinion. Unfortunately, it is a rarity in our labor market, but this is one of the reasons why the whole problem with the labor force in tourism has arisen. The man / employee was at the last level of value. More like “consumables”. How is a quality workforce maintained? Here is one great home example. The Academy has already produced several generations of highly educated students, most of them, logically, continued their careers in Bluesun, and this year alone, over 450 employees will go through some of the Bluesun Academy programs. “Bluesun allows employees to express their creativity. If someone has an idea, either culinary or bartending, they will allow you to present it here. If it is good – it goes on sale”Emphasizes Dejan.center_img Bluesun also pays its employees Christmas bonuses in the amount of HRK 2700 and donates the children of its employees up to the age of 15, with each parent receiving an additional HRK 600 per child. His idea was initially rejected because their previous offer of burgers sold well so they didn’t want to change things. But after persuasion, the Management relented and put the Big Mac on offer. And the rest is history. So far, over a billion Big Macs have been sold worldwide, and thanks to its global popularity, it has even become a kind of symbol of capitalism. The Economist used it as the main reference for the cost of living in some countries – the so-called. Big Mac Index. For seasonal workers located in Zadvarje, transportation is organized several times a day during the season so that they can get to work as easily as possible and can use it in their free time. “Investing in and caring for employees is one of our responsibilities as a responsible employer, and the satisfaction and impressions of colleagues who stayed for the first time within our newly set standard of personal accommodation are confirmation that we are on the right track – so we plan to invest in similar facilities in other destinations.”Emphasizes Kristijan Gagulić, a member of the management board of the Sunce concern. “The key is a smile, a smile first, nothing without a smile. Catering is not just serving guests but providing satisfaction to people who come to us. They come to us, we serve them superbly and they are satisfied. And when they are satisfied, we are satisfied. Believe me, there is no greater happiness than when you meet the same guest again next year or maybe the same year. You know why he came back, you know that you succeeded, that we all succeeded, that every minute of effort was worth it and that ten years ago I made the best life decision”Concludes Dejan. In addition to professional success, Dejan is especially proud of the private ones. His wife, also an employee of Bluesun, and he have two children, and Bluesun, with its latest decision, by increasing the compensation for a newborn child to HRK 7500, wants to stimulate its employees who decide to expand their family. Given the focus on the development of local communities, workers from Omis and the Omis hinterland, Vrgorac and Imotski area are transported free of charge by their buses from work to work. As in the entire tourism sector, every season the greatest demand is for chefs, waiters and maids, so they are the largest share of employees from other regions of the Republic of Croatia. This year, too, the tourism sector will lack over 15.000 employees, if not more. We have written many times about the cancer of our tourism, but now we bring a positive example of how a travel company is struggling with the challenge of retaining a quality workforce. But let’s get back to the story of Dejan. After completing his training as an F&B manager, in 2017 he became the manager of restaurants and bars, and entered the 2018 season with a new position – director of food and beverages at the SENTIDO Bluesun Berulia Hotel (5 *). We are continuously investing in salaries and working conditions with a special emphasis on raising the quality of life of seasonal workers, Maša Prebeg, and adds: “All those who come to work outside their place of residence are provided with free accommodation and meals, as well as transportation costs. Precisely with the aim of raising the quality and improving working conditions, we are the first hotel chain to build a hotel for workers in Zadvarje for our seasonal employees working in Brela and Tučepi. The hotel has 150 double rooms with bathrooms, equipped with air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi, and covers an area of ​​4 m000. The value of this investment was approximately HRK 2 million.” Bluesun is the first hotel chain to build a hotel for workers Therefore, in 2012 he was allowed to retrain as a waiter, in 2014 as a specialist waiter, and finally, in 2016, he completed professional training for an F&B manager at the Aspira High School. ” We are looking for our future employees primarily on the Croatian labor market, with special emphasis on the areas where our hotels are located in order to encourage the growth and development of local communities. The share of employees from destinations is 70%, and from other regions most employees come from Slavonia and central Croatia”Prebeg points out. Orientation to local workers Maša Prebeg, Director of the Bluesun Human Resources Department At the very peak of the season, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts employs 2000 people, of which about 60 percent are seasonal employees. Most of them return to Bluesun due to many years of cooperation and mutual trust. Bluesun Academy is a unique project in the Croatian hotel industry that Bluesun decided on more than ten years ago in order to continuously, further improve its staff, but also high school students – Bluesun scholarship holders, of which there are 150 as of this school year. Smart enough. And that is exactly what happened in his case. At the Havana bartender competition, he used his knowledge, experience and creativity and connected them through the ingredients that won the jury. He named the combination of rum, elderberry syrup, triple seca, marasca cherry juice and tonic La Berulia, after the medieval name Brela, and suggested to his superiors that they include it in the hotel’s cocktail menu. His proposal was accepted, and La Berulia in 2016 becomes the best-selling cocktail in the hotel. “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to” – Richard Branson, CEO Virgin  Finally, a message to all entrepreneurs in tourism that perfectly defines the attitude towards their workers.last_img read more

LSU head coach Les Miles on Zack Mahoney: ‘We’ll prepare for the best’

first_img Published on September 23, 2015 at 11:40 am Contact Matt: [email protected] | @matt_schneidman Facebook Twitter Google+ On Tuesday night, Syracuse offensive coordinator Tim Lester said Zack Mahoney was “the guy” at quarterback for the Orange. On Saturday, the sophomore walk-on will likely be under center against No. 8 LSU (2-0, 2-0 Southeastern).Tigers head coach Les Miles discussed facing the once-fifth-stringer on Wednesday’s SEC coaches’ teleconference, expressing that his preparation won’t be any different facing a signal-caller making his first career Division-I start.“We expect him to be able to operate their offense as well as any and we’ll prepare for the best,” Miles said.Mahoney, who completed all four of his passes for 19 yards against Central Michigan, also ran for 12 yards and pitched the game-winning touchdown to freshman running back Jordan Fredericks in overtime.The LSU defense will be a different animal, but on Tuesday Mahoney said there are no nerves, just excitement.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“So many times the cream rises to the top and the opportunity for a guy to step on the field and do what he did last week gives people a lot of confidence,” Miles said. “We would guess that he can operate the Syracuse offense, that all the best stuff Syracuse has done will still be there.” Commentslast_img read more

Karatekas of ”Mladost” from Vitez were successful at the tournament in Samobor

first_imgWomen karatekas of ”Mladost” from Vitez returned from Samobor last night, where the largest karate tournament in the region took place with 1428 participants from 19 European countries.This tournament was a good training for karatekas from Vitez for the upcoming European Karate Championship which will be held in Turkey from 8-10 February.Karatekas from Vitez showed that they are in a good form, they won three medals, two bronze medals in category of cadets and one silver medal in category of seniors.Head coach of Karate Club ”Mladost” Aldin Adilović is pleased with achieved results.last_img