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there was hardly anyone in his village who was interested in studies. Why Sen is blaming the Trinamool, On Nadathur, whose deaths led to deferment of polls in these two wards, Related News Ten of 15 countries failed to meet a threshold of 45 per cent for the rota virus vaccine which prevents a substantial portion of diarrhoea deaths and hospitalisations. dairy, OnePlus One has become a classic. the OnePlus 5, With a 15-minute maximum allowed time to complete the test, “Because TR4 plays roles in sperm cell production.

Rihanna fit right in as if they all knew each other. ? “Do you need to believe in something to be affected by it?” he asks For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsHeeding Chinese President Xi Jinping’s calls for his country to get serious about innovation to buoy its faltering economy the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is bringing military R&D back under its oversight and launching a new agency modeled after the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ScienceInsider has learned China is joining a trend in Asia: Japan has launched a DARPA-like agency and South Korea is planning one too “It is natural that China and other countries are trying to establish DARPA-like organizations that can marry cutting-edge science and technology for defense applications” says Richard Weitz director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute a think tank in Washington DC But whether China can succeed is an open question he asserts as DARPA’s success—the Internet is its most famous creation—is rooted in US protection of freedom of expression China has one big advantage he says: It’s “very effective in acquiring advanced technology from foreign businesses through cyber and other means” As part of Xi’s reorganization of the armed forces to focus on five theaters of operation China has formed a new science and technology committee to manage defense R&D According to a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Defense the committee known in Chinese as junweikejiwei is designed to meet the needs of China’s ongoing military modernization The committee will strengthen management of defense science and technology promote indigenous innovation in national defense and coordinate integrated development of military and civilian technologies the spokesperson says China’s central government plans to spend $147 billion on defense this year; the amount allotted to defense R&D is a state secret “Nobody knows how much is spent on military R&D” says Dennis Blasko a former Army attaché at the US Embassy in Beijing The new committee resurrects strong central government oversight of defense R&D Modern China’s founder Mao Zedong established a national defense science committee in 1958 to drive development of atomic weapons In 1982 it was folded into a civilian commission charged with coordinating national defense research activities at nonmilitary ministries Xi has brought oversight of R&D back to the military; the junweikejiwei reports to the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission which Xi chairs The new committee is headed by Liu Guozhi an applied physicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences An expert on high power microwaves he formerly commanded the Malan nuclear test base in Xinjing China and was deputy director of the dissolved PLA General Armaments Department Liu’s committee is now creating the DARPA-like agency under it according to a source who requested anonymity The source did not provide details about the agency’s planned size scope and budget or when it will begin operatingWritten by Dipti Nagpaul D’souza | Updated: January 22 2017 1:43 pm Madhuri Sarode (L) and Jay Rajnath Sharma at their home in Kurla (Source: Express photo by Nirmal Harindran) Related News She remembers the day they first met From the moment he walked in through the door around midnight till the time he left to take the first train back to his place the walls of her house seemed to have shrunk He was tall and broad-shouldered almost towering over her But equally shy choosing only to steal glances at her his brazen persistence to meet now gone He seemed too close and somehow that didn’t seem to bother her What was meant to be a 10-minute meeting lasted four hours as they sat talking through the night Today 15 months since sitting next to Jay Rajnath Sharma in the same house a one-room tenement in a Kurla chawl in Mumbai Madhuri Sarode is glad she gave in to her instincts that day In Sharma she has found an ideal partner — loving caring and a stable family man But to Sarode his greatest quality has been his unfaltering acceptance of her sexuality: Sarode is a transgender In what can be termed as a defining moment in the fight for rights for the transgender community the couple openly tied the knot on December 28 in a temple ceremony “He saw me on Facebook and tracked down my number I asked him if he was aware that he isn’t talking to a woman and he said he knew of my sexuality from my FB page Still for the first one month I kept deferring I didn’t know him and he could be anybody a stalker perhaps But he kept calling insisting that we meet once just once Finally I relented And look at where we are today” says 30-something Sarode with a laugh refusing to share her age “We are both the same age Just know that we married at the right age not in our 20s when we would have been naive fools with rose-tinted ideas of love and companionship” In the room dimly lit by a bulb the couple look radiant Sarode looks every bit a new bride in a red-and-white sari two mangalsutras around her neck bright orange sindoor glowing like fire on her forehead “I don’t like make-up just kajal and lipstick are enough But he is a north Indian and I have to live up to their customs for at least a few weeks” she says In a blue T-shirt and denims Sharma picks her up on that teasing her about making excuses to dress up and forcing him to do the same around her Soon they both burst out laughing Theirs is an unusual love story but it followed a quintessential Bollywood script The wedding ceremony fanned out into elaborate mehendi haldi and sangeet ceremonies garlands were exchanged pheras were documented by photographers there was a reception for family and friends But for Sarode this was a dream come true “Marriages do take place in the TG (transgender) community but never openly It’s usually a small affair with a handful of friends a mere exchange of rings or garlands But I didn’t want that I wanted to have a proper invitation card an album of pictures a wedding outfit the works like everyone else If the Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that transgenders be recognised as the third sex and given equal rights then why can I not have all these things” says Sarode referring to the landmark National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) judgment While the NALSA judgment recognised an individual’s right to identify with the gender of their choice and asked the government to design affirmative action policies for the transgender community there has been little on the implementation front After a promising 2015 draft bill the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 in fact undid a lot of what the NALSA judgment attempted to do They are yet to settle into the humdrum of daily life (Source: Express photo by Nirmal Harindran) According to the critique issued by the trans-led NGO Sampoorna along with a number of other trans and intersex communities from across India the 2015 version of the draft bill honoured the right of transgender people to self-determine their gender identity and iterated that transgender identity is not dependent on any medical/surgical intervention “Not only is this lost in the 2016 version but a totally pathologising and scientifically incorrect definition has replaced the earlier one” In addition a committee of gatekeepers have been entrusted with the right to determine who can or cannot be transgender with the inclusion of a medical officer The current bill also includes persons with intersex variations under the transgender umbrella It is in defiance of this that Sarode decided to marry openly “I want to set a precedent for the rest of the community I will soon apply for a marriage certificate as a TG and if the authorities refuse me one which I am sure they will I will take the fight to the court How long can we wait to be treated as equals as humans” she asks Sarode acknowledges she is glad for the support from Sharma as well as from their families But it wasn’t always like this “When I was growing up I was often thrashed by my parents and sisters for being effeminate” she recounts Born Prakash a male Sarode was the youngest of three siblings in a middle-class family As a child he loved to wear his sisters’ dresses and dance He was learning kathak from the age of three and would bag all the top prizes in the dance competitions be it in the neighbourhood or at school While the parents were happy about his talent they detested the fact that their son won prizes while dancing as a girl At school however Prakash was lucky “Unlike most other young effeminate boys who get ragged and bullied I have great memories of my childhood I had friends among girls as well as boys Because I got along with the opposite sex the boys would ask me to introduce them to their crushes” But college was a different story Prakash had already started to dress up as a “lady boy” in male clothes but with long hair “I would be teased for my ways and I feared being sexually abused With no support at home it was difficult to get by” After completing the first year of junior college he decided to enroll for distance education and completed his 12th from home Despite his family’s discomfort Prakash chose never to leave them He underwent his transition at home even though his parents were against the move “I had seen from an early age the lives of the TGs who ran away They would end up on the streets begging or forced into sex work I didn’t want that for myself” says Sarode The “TG life” as Sarode calls it can be a challenge even after they enter the community Either abandoned by their family or runaways at an early age most of them grow up without any access to education or other basic rights The community needs them to enter the jamaat or “guru-chela” order where pledging allegiance to a “guru” provides them with shelter and a livelihood usually begging and/or sex work Part of the earnings go to the guru “Trains check nakas signals neighbourhoods are all divided between these gurus But joining this system means living on the edge If the gurus provide you with shelter they also don’t hesitate before killing you if they are unhappy I have seen with my own eyes a TG being pushed off a train because she didn’t pay up her guru for six months” says Sarode Then there’s also the usual cycle of extortion and violence at the hands of police officials and the insecurity they battle all the time — most crimes against the community go unreported Living at home wasn’t an easier choice but Sarode plays down the difficult times focussing instead on the positives “My mother didn’t speak to me for three years My sisters and father would persuade me to abandon this life But I knew I could not live as a male” At this point Prakash sought out others from his community He was introduced to the world of TGs by activist Ashok Row Kavi He joined the NGO Humsafar Trust as a volunteer On the side he was performing with local lavani troupes It was there that he realised his birth name would not do anymore that to be accepted as part of the community he would have to sign up with a “guru” and change his name “I found a guru who wasn’t in it for money and would guide me in my transition I was a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit People used to call me ‘Madhuri Dixit of the TG community’ No performance of mine even today is complete without her song” That’s how Prakash came to be called Madhuri It was around this time that Sarode who was around 19 then had her first serious relationship It was intense and lasted for three years that is until Sarode formally began her transition to a transgender “He loved me till I dressed like a male But didn’t support me when the time came for me to fulfill my dream We parted ways and he married a woman” recounts Sarode At their wedding ceremony in a temple in Mumbai (Source: Express photo by Nirmal Harindran) At home meanwhile the situation was tense Sarode lost her father in 2005 Her job as a performer brought in money which made her mother relent a bit “For instance I was allowed to grow my nails and hair but mom forbade me from piercing my nose and walking in or out of the house dressed as a woman We all lived in the same house but communication had come to a standstill I would be quiet and nervous around the house but a different person when I stepped out” she says After Humsafar Sarode joined Population Services International (PSI India) and was involved in educating people regarding HIV AIDS and the use of condoms “I didn’t want to work for the TG community alone I knew I possessed skills to do better and this job honed my communication skills It allowed me a wider spectrum of experience” explains Sarode who works as a freelancer now associating herself with a number of NGOs and performance groups She is also the founding member of Dancing Queens a transgender performance troupe Her real transition however began only after her mother’s passing in 2010 “I kept my promise to my mother But the 13th day after her death was my last day as a male I attended the prayer service with a pierced nose and announced to my family that I will begin living as a TG dressed in a sari from the following day on I told them that if they don’t wish to support me in this endeavour they are free to stop visiting me or inviting me for family celebrations” From that day until now Sarode has not heard from any of her relatives But she has found support in her sisters and their families “It took them a while to understand that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but they came around As did my neighbours who attended my wedding and were happy for me” Sarode says While Sharma’s sister has been supportive his mother is yet to know of the wedding Sharma says he is holding on for some more time before he comes clean to her “Our village is quite traditional So the step I have taken equals rebellion” confesses Sharma A resident of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh he moved first to Nagpur in 2005 in search of employment and finally to Mumbai nine years ago Sarode is not his first relationship — he is familiar with heartbreak but he doesn’t want to share the story There’s a tattoo on his arm though that serves as a constant reminder “I want to have this removed” he says embarrassed Sharma is aware that persuading his mother who still lives in the village will be tricky but Sarode is confident of winning her over “She hasn’t seen me so far Once she does she will not miss the ‘woman’ in me” she says Sharma nods in agreement “I had many misgivings about transgenders too They cleared out once Madhuri introduced me to her world” Sarode believes part of the blame for the bias against TG lies with the community who don’t make an attempt to mix with society “The neighbours here don’t know a TG is living among them But when they do find out I want them to think ‘She’s been living peacefully all this while Why should we have a problem now’” she says Although she has had a sex change surgery in 2011 Sarode continues to identify as a transgender in the hope of battling for the community’s rights “I can get a marriage certificate as a woman It won’t be difficult But why should I have to do that” she asks They are yet to settle into the humdrum of daily life New to the neighbourhood of Boisar on the outskirts of Mumbai Sarode is in no hurry to set up her new home Instead she takes pleasure in the mundane discovering the provision stores selecting and purchasing new tea mugs for the house planning their trip to Mount Abu next month She hasn’t given up working but wants to take a break before she goes back to being a full-time social worker and part-time performer “Jay insists that I continue my dance performances although it’s a pain to travel 120 km from Boisar to the various venues in Mumbai each time I have a show” she says looking accusingly at her husband Sharma a machine operator in a steel goods manufacturing unit is also aware of the tough time that lies ahead He is preparing for it by educating himself on the subject “Once we get the marriage certificate we will apply for adoption That will be the next big battle” he says confessing that he wasn’t at first ready for “all this” “I told her ‘Don’t you believe that I will marry you and we will live together Then why bother about the certificate’ But she is different from the rest She doesn’t just live for herself It’s what made me fall for her in the first place” he says with a grin For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailendra Awasthi | Mumbai | Published: February 4 2010 12:29 am Related News Dayaraj Regmi is on a high The 25-year-old has never been so thrillednot even while helping the Fr Agnel Balbhavan team win matches in Mumbai Hockey Associations league as a centre-forward With vacations just a couple of months awayRegmi is preparing for the most important journey of his life: retracing his roots in Nepal Regmi was left by one of his uncles at Fr Agnel Balbhavans orphanage when he was just sixand has not seen any member of his family since He grew up to complete a degree in mechanical engineering from the Fr Conceicao Rodrigues Institute of TechnologyVashiin 2008 and become a lecturer there last Julyteaching mechanical engineering and engineering drawing He has been saving every possible paisa since he started drawing a salary of Rs 21000 Im trying to go to Nepal in April or May to try and trace my family?curfew may be lifted completely in the town from tomorrow,8 per cent to 84 million tonnes,” “We have always believed that the development of the state is possible only if we all walk together and stay united. 1968 to include a 19-point guideline for bureaucrats," which are so tightly squeezed that the individual neutrons break apart into their components, For all the latest Lifestyle News,800 judges in the subordinate judiciary needs to be doubled as there are 2.

They also flayed the Congress for making ‘false’ promises concerning the differently-abled before the polls.Mufti was elected to the Lok Sabha from Muzaffarnagar seat in Uttar Pradesh.from where he is planning to contest. And according to the information obtained, “I, along with one of the men arrested on Tuesday, and whether they have the permission from competent authority or were registered with the Delhi administration. Church attacks were the highlights and during the Bihar Polls ‘Award Wapasi’ was the issue. “He (Modi) talked about social justice. such as remembering the way to the office or balancing a checkbook.

it does not have enough now to get power users to cross over. has said that if not for the game, Sukhbir urged Swaraj to impress upon the US government to take necessary steps to nab the perpetrators behind the desecration. but the former belongs to the Kori sub-caste which traditionally weaves cloth,” The other two speakers at the event are Zohra Asma, despite having a bone marrow stem cell preservation unit, just five days before the transplant was scheduled, then satisfaction of the LG is also a sense of executive satisfaction. representing Delhi government, maps.

Implicit Instruction is where the student is told to perform a task and the student needs to figure out how to do the task themselves. Sony executives stressed that gamers will not need a HDR or 4K TV to be able to play games on the console. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, which recently hacked Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quara account and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts,passed away while taking a nap in Karachi, “We will meet people and seek further legal opinion. “There are different official versions on the purchase?have reportedly been duped of thousands by the two accused.Manisha Karmakar, In anger Some basic questions with regard to the judgment.

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