Carl Probert appointed an executive for World Olympian Association

first_imgProbert will serve in his capacity as the National Olympian Association of Oceania representative. He was appointed last Friday. Queried on his appointment, Probert said he was honoured and was glad to have the opportunity to help athletes in terms of their transition past Olympics and outside the sporting sphere. “I now just understand what their role is. They are funded by the IOC and look after athletes that compete in the Olympics, look after their interests after they finish competing. “There is a lot of focus on the athletes leading up to the games and during the games but often they get forgotten after the competitions.“So it is basically how can we assist these people in a professional life outside of sports and also how do you use the qualities that they’ve developed while they were athletes to serve them in their new jobs and continue to make a contribution to society,” he said. He added that in his role, he will be helping athletes from the region both in the lead-up and during the event, particularly because he believes this will be a big year for the region in terms of medal prospects with the inclusion of rugby 7s.(Carl Probert, second left, is the National Olympian Association of Oceania representative. Picture: Fox Sports Pulse)last_img read more

Ane Mintegi wins Gibson to get into the third round

first_imgGuipuzcoan Ane Mintegi del Olmo, the solely consultant of Spain in the junior tournaments of the Australian Open, He went on to the third round after beating Australian visitor Talia Gibson 6-2 and 7-5 in 65 minutes. Mintegi (16 years outdated) performed patiently and safely in opposition to a rival, Gibson (17), who risked extra and made many unforced errors (48). Ane broke the aussie serve six occasions and misplaced his thrice. In the second set he raised a 3-0 to keep away from having a third set and with a break in the eleventh recreation he sentenced.The Basque tennis participant will see Wednesday in the round of 16 with the Czech 17-year-old Darja Vidmanova, who received the sixth seed, the Russian Maria Bondarenko, 6-3, 5-7 and 7-6 (8).last_img

Olaizola: “If we arrive with the Super Cup, Guipúzcoa falls”

first_img-We are a team both outside and inside the field. We are not the best team in the league, but we are improving game by game and that is taking us further-How is he in the Real on a personal level?– On a personal level I am very well, I would like to have more participation but in the end the coach chooses the ones he sees best and grows-At 22 years old he is still too young to grow …-I’m taking experience little by little, with more continuous minutes that security that I lack is going to be gained. But I try to take advantage of every minute to continue growing.– A pity that the final coincides with the Basque derby at the Reale Arena, but the club is turning over with a giant screen, broadcast it in the stadium …-It is a penalty that coincided with the derby. The men’s team is giving a spectacular level, won the other day at Real Madrid. It is clear that the club is turning with those screens so that people can see us and surely there are fans.-And see if there is a better atmosphere in the final than in the semifinal you played …-It was a bit sad that a semifinal with 3,000 people … I think it was not the best schedule, coincided with men’s Cup matches, but surely in the final we filled.-Salamanca is certainly turning over …-It is true that there are not so many female fans here, but yesterday more people approached. I think it is important that the people of Salamanca are encouraged to come and if the field is full it sure is different.– Do you see yourself lifting the first Super Cup?-We’d stay in the history of the Super Cup and it would be amazing. The Cup was brutal as we were received in San Sebastián, if we go with the Super Cup, Guipúzcoa falls.-Other bell …-No one was expected to reach the final and we have succeeded. Now we will try to win against Barcelona, ​​it will not be easy, but why not repeat and surprise. -Second final in two years, how are they living?I did not expect it, it has been incredible. The day of the game I woke up with a good feeling, until then I saw it complicated. He was a very difficult opponent, but we made a great match and we are very happy-Of course you are getting what Real had never achieved …-Of not having achieved anything in many years and in these last two years we have grown a lot, the league is also having better paple and the team is growing.-You are doing very well these types of KO tournament.-We are getting better than the league. Against Levante we did not make a good game, but in these already with the Cup it gave us a point of maturity and helps us to raise matches of this type.– They gave the bell to Atlético, to give it again?Yes, although it will be very complicated. Barça is an incredible rival, it is a much better team than in recent years, it will be difficult to give the bell, but we will try.-Can you be the toughest opponent you could find?-Personally I think so, it has a very complete staff and is at a spectacular level.-How do you beat Barcelona?-This complicated, we are already working, but I will not say what we have worked. The key will be to be a block, fight and sacrifice all of us. What sets us apart is that we work as a team and we are in solidarity.-It has been important to maintain the structure of last year and that the important players stay …-The previous year was good for us to get to know each other and take more concepts with Gonzalo. It is important to keep these players, that Nahikari stays is vital to get here and most have stayed. In addition, the club has bet with level players like Barbara and that gives us a plus.-What are the keys to this Royal Society?last_img read more

Martí, to his staff: “Do not lower your arms at any time”

first_imgGirona’s coaching staff tries to maintain daily contact with its staff. And the positive messages are not lacking in each of the conversations that are held so that the confinement is as bearable as possible. This Friday night, the rojiblanco club wanted to show an extract of the speech that the coach, Pep Lluís Martí, made in the last hours to his players and other members of its coaching staff and has not hesitated to brand it as “positive energy to keep going“In the video call that Martí maintains with his players and assistants, he is sincere and tries to be as empathetic as possible. He does not hide that it is not being easy for him to spend so many days without being able to lead any session at La Vinya, but he thanks all his team and the footballers for the effort they are making. With a “let’s go to the trouble. I’ll tell you”, Martí wanted to be concise at the time of ask your group for an “effort”: “I imagine that this situation is not pleasant for any of us and I know that it is difficult to deal with. Especially due to the uncertainty, not only in the professional aspect but also in the staff, for you and your families. It is complicated, but we have no other option, as I always tell you, than to adapt to the situation. Is not easy, for me it is not, I will not cheat you. But this that we are experiencing we must try to carry out in the best possible way because it is the only one that will make us go forward. I want to ask you for the effort that you continue to maintain what you are doing. Do not lower your arms at any time and be prepared and aware that when this begins we must all be one hundred percent“ There is complete confidence in the group and hence there is no doubt that all the members of the Girona group are following the individualized training guidelines set. Caring for food is essential and maintaining the routine, too. Hence, before 10:00 all players must be active. That the state of mind of the group does not decline is vital for Martí and that is that in the Girona entity there are hopes that they will compete again this season because the objective pursued is none other than to return to the First Division.last_img read more

He trained in the farmhouse, ’emigrated’ and is now in fashion in Europe: who is he?

first_imgA promising future ahead fifteen Her renowned maneThe cause for which he has that mane was because of his mother, Patricia, who they say asked his son to wear something remarkable to differentiate him well among all the other children who were on a soccer field. That mane is already an inseparable part of her image. Despite having formed in the quarry The farmhouse, in 2018 he had to leave on loan to Eibar, who bought it for two million euros, a figure that Barça would later double to recover. However, as he himself recently said, “you don’t have the same patience with the quarry as you did before”, so he felt deprived of opportunities in the Camp Nou.His dissociation with Barcelona * Data updated as of April 1, 2020 Our mysterious footballer today, at just four years old, was already playing on a local futsal team. The boy pointed good manners and his father, Óscar, decided to take him to do a test at Espanyol. They kept it, of course, and he remained in the quarry for six years. They say that Guillermo Amor Y Alberto Puig were its discoverers, being convinced of the kid in a match against the Damm. Then, Barça signed him for his cadet team. It was 2012. It was there that his classmates gave him a nickname related to his last name.Getafe player Marc Cucurella as a child.center_img In case you hadn’t already guessed it, the mysterious footballer is Marc Cucurella, nicknamed ‘Cucu’. The fast Getafe player is growing by leaps and bounds and so far this year he has scored a goal and has given five assists in 34 games, earning himself an undisputed starting position in a team that is doing so well in the classification thanks, in great part, to him. Now, after a loan to Getafe, the Azulón club has exercised the purchase option of six million that he had on this side (also inside and sometimes extreme) that now interests half of Europe. At 21 years old, this Alella has been linked to teams like the Arsenal, he Chelsea or the Naples. Even in the last game against him Real Madrid starred in a discussion with Eder Militao in which he told him to close “el p … pico”.Joaquin Corchero Arcos & nbsp; (Diario AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Getafe footballer Marc Cucurella during a match.Joaquin Corchero Arcos (Diario AS) LaLiga Santanderlast_img read more

Moratti: “Messi is not a forbidden dream for Inter”

first_imgMassimo Moratti, former president of Inter, spoke on Radio Anch’io Sport of RAI 1 and he did not consider the arrival of Leo Messi to Inter Milan impossible in the next transfer market in which, says the Italian, “strange things will happen” in which Barcelona, ​​the Argentinean and the Lombardy club could be involved. “I think it is not a forbidden dream at all. Maybe it wasn’t before this mishap and I think the owners are trying hard to try and get him to Inter. I do not know if the current situation can make everything change for the better or for the worse, but I think there is the possibility of seeing strange things at the end of the season, “assured the former Interista leader. Leo Messi was already related months ago with a possible departure to Manchester City to play again under Pep Guardiola. Now, Moratti has also placed Inter as a viable option if the Argentine wanted to leave Barcelona. The one from Rosario, current team captain, has already had several disagreements with the current Barcelona directive, whose relationship with the first team is distant. In this possible transfer the name of Lautaro Martínez, striker of the neroazzurro team that interests FC Barcelona, ​​sounded. Moratti put him as one of the possible prices to pay if the Argentine 10 arrived.“We have to see if it does not fit into other more important operations, such as Messi,” leaving the door open for a possible exchange. A few days ago, the Gazzetta dello Sport assured that the former Racing believes in the Inter project and that it would not come out unless Barcelona were to sign him. Now, according to Moratti, the Lombard club could use it to make this transfer cheaper. last_img read more

Cucurella: “I work a lot to be in Euro 2021”

first_imgMarc Cucurella He is being one of the great revelations of LaLiga with only 21 years old. Under the role of undisputed holder for Bordalás, the attacker attends AS in full confinement to review current issues: coronavirus, Getafe, selection …Is the wait getting long?Juan Manuel Serrano Arce & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Real Sociedad v Getafe CF – La LigaJuan Manuel Serrano Arce (Getty Images) He prepares all the games great and is a daily motivator. We are happy with it. At an individual level I also look good and with many spaces against it. For most of us, it is our first season in Europe and that makes us look forward to every second.Are you aiming for Euro 2021?I work very hard to be in the next Eurocup. I want to be there. It is always a pride to play for my team and when I have been with the U21 the experience has been great. Winning a World Cup would be the best and that can only be achieved with the national team. I am a great admirer of ‘La Roja’ and I hope I can be part of it.Do you think he was consecrated in First after his match against Madrid?My encounter against Madrid was good, but I didn’t think it would generate as much noise either. Then it is true that I had many congratulations and it was a bit of a chaos to respond to everyone. Although I am delighted. I remember seeing the players in the tunnel and thinking that they were raising the Champions League just now.You draw a lot of attention for the mane …I know! In a certain part it is like a hallmark and that’s why I don’t cut my hair much.Speaking of manes … What about Puyol?I admire him a lot and at his insistence I see similar things with him. He also proved to be a great person in the field.What if they win the Europa League?There, yes! He signed it.By the way, do you stop a lot on the street?Not much, but some fans do. I wear it well and I like all the admiration I receive.What wish do you ask for a return to football?Health first. But I want everything to continue as before. Nobody has given us anything and we must continue working. It is hard to be confined, but we value everything much more. I am enjoying the family and especially the little one. We usually play Plakks and watch the odd movie.How do you do the workouts?It is difficult, especially in the first days. But little by little I have been getting material and above all I train in the morning. We pay great attention to the indications of the club and it is important to follow 100%.Did you expect to have this great season?When I got the proposal from Getafe I didn’t even think about it and the truth is that the experience is being very beautiful. This Getafe wants to make history and, obviously, Bordalás has a lot of merit, I think I am reaching my soccer maturity, but I am young and I have a lot to learn.What does Bordalás bring to the dressing room?last_img read more

Betis will isolate itself from the world in Montecastillo for phase 4

first_imgLaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 29, 2020 Betis has decided to isolate itself when it comes time to train in a group, during phases three and four that LaLiga has prepared to return to the competition. If there are no setbacks, the Rubi training squad It will be concentrated in Montecastillo, an urbanization about five kilometers from Jerez de la Frontera, right next to the Speed ​​Circuit in the town of Cádiz.It is not ruled out, but it is unlikely, that the team trains at its Sports City and that the chosen hotel is Al Andalus, where Betis usually convenes hours before their meetings at Benito Villamarín. But LaLiga prefers isolated sites, outside the city, to maintain the protocol as rigorously as possible when the last phase is activated. Accessing players and coaches will be impossible for unofficial media and fans, as it is a place of maximum privacy. Montecastillo has been the most common place of concentration for Betis for two decades now. Without going any further, the Verdiblanco team spent two weeks of preseason there last summer. The hotel you attend has two soccer fields a few meters from the facilities. This also allows players to walk from the rooms to training and vice versa, without having to go through any locker room, as required by protocol.last_img read more

Bayern releases Javi Martínez

first_img“What’s on my desk is that the membership has me they usually have the final phrase. There aren’t any clauses right here as in Spain. If the membership says that you’re not leaving, you aren’t leaving. If they don’t need to promote you, they won’t Promote, “stated Bayern midfielder Javi Martinez in an interview with Movistar` + days in the past.The Spanish midfielder feels necessary in Bavaria for each the membership and Hansi Flick. “He advised me that he was very proud of me, that he believed that he was essential to the crew and that he counted on me. I’ve each the boldness of the membership and the coach,” added the Navarrese. Now, in keeping with Kicker, he might come out subsequent summer season if the membership and the participant so want. If Bayern discovered a substitute and Javi needed to depart, in Germany they guarantee that the membership wouldn’t hinder him.What choices seem in your future? The final ones have been a potential return to Athletic, the place he shone in Spanish soccer, or an incorporation to Getafe de Bordalás, revelation crew of the final campaigns in LaLiga, though he additionally has a superb lineup in the remainder of Europe and even in the USA.This season accidents have stored him from showing extra on the pitch. The one which made him lose essentially the most video games was a muscle harm he suffered in late December throughout Bayern-Wolfsburg that stored him out for six weeks.last_img

Centennial at the Bernabéu

first_imgThe 2002 Copa del Rey was designed for Madrid to be champion. The RFEF selected the Santiago Bernabéu as the venue for the remaining and set the date of the match on March 6 to mark the centenary of the founding of the white membership, at the request after all of the Madrid entity. Not even the greatest nightclubs ever deliberate such a white Ibiza celebration.Actual Madrid was in the ascendant part in the galactic period. The earlier season the meringue set he had proclaimed himself champion of the League with the extraordinary signing of Figo and at the starting of the 2001-02 educational yr Florentino he had strengthened his squad with what was thought-about the finest participant in the world, Zinedine Zidane. That Madrid was designed to wipe out all competitions on its 100th anniversary: Del Bosque directed a squad through which, along with the two galactic exorbitants, Raúl, Roberto Carlos, Casillas, Hierro, Morientes, Makelele, Solari and Guti, amongst others, performed. However that Deportivo was not simply any group, it was Superdepor. And he didn’t wrinkle earlier than such a state of affairs. Los Molina, Mauro Silva, Tristán, Valerón, Capdevila and firm shaped a group of many carats and like the good contenders in boxing, they hit arduous as quickly as they began, to make it clear that they’d not gone to this point to be knocked out. 5 minutes later Sergio beat César (starter forward of Casillas that season) and overtook Depor, who was already sending 0-2 at the break thanks to a different purpose from Tristán. The Cup was the first title at stake. The prelude to a gloriously anticipated season. Madrid acquired Deportivo Javier Irureta in the remaining as a sparring heavyweight champion. A few months earlier, the Whites had overwhelmed the Galicians in what was Zidane’s first nice sport as a Actual Madrid participant (3-1). That assembly was a turning level for the Frenchman, who was being extremely criticized however responded to his detractors with a purpose and since then it was virtually unstoppable. With a full Zidane and a date so marked, that remaining appeared like a mere process to fill La Cibeles with individuals.center_img Unbelief seized Madrid, who reacted too late. He closed the hole with a purpose from Raúl with simply over ten minutes left, however the combat was already misplaced. Since the Maracanazo in the 1950 World Cup, when Brazil fell to Uruguay and stayed at the gates of the World Cup, one thing related was not remembered. As then, the host fell with every part in favor. The night time that ought to have been the whitest in 100 years of Madrid’s historical past turned one in all the blackest ever for the complete of Chamartín. The phrase Centenariazo copied all the covers of March 7, 2002.Fortunately for Madrid, The Whites have been in a position to have a good time the birthday a few months later, in the remaining of the Glasgow Champions League. There, Madrid took the centennial season ahead with a word and conquered the Ninth in opposition to Bayer Leverkusen (2-1) with that unforgettable purpose by Zidane. It could have been tragic to not fill La Cibeles that 2002.last_img read more